Aloitin puhujaurani yliopistosta vuonna 2007.

Puheissani käsittelen muutosta, kasvua ja päätöksentekoa, suorituskyvyn ja hyvinvoinnin optimoimista sekä fiksua itsensä ja toisten johtamista.

Esimerkkiaiheet 2020:

  • Muutosvalmius metataitona
  • Ketterä kasvu ja oppiminen
  • Tulevaisuuden johtajan mindset
  • Johtajan energian-, ajan- ja stressinhallinta
  • Startup Way: unelmat, uskomukset, tavat ja tekeminen

“The presentation on the mindset of a future leader was insightful and inspiring. Aino-Mari is an engaging speaker.” – Pirkka

“Aino-Mari is a convincing speaker and a warm-hearted person with a broad knowledge and experience to talk about very different subjects.” – Hanna-Kaisa

“It was a pleasure to attend Aino-Mari’s coaching, more with less. She created a safe and warm atmosphere around her during the coaching. In addition, her expertise is truly impressive and inspiring. I can recommend her coaching with all my heart.” – Jaana

“I had the pleasure to attend an inspiring keynote speech of future leadership held by Aino-Mari. Her profound but also versatile knowledge of various topics with a unique way of combining them was really refreshing. Furthermore, she is very action oriented and uses plenty of not often seen techniques to involve and activate participants. Highly recommended!” – Jarno

I think she is a breath of fresh air to seasoned professionals who’ve been there and done that. She’s a thoughtful and creative thinker, warm and empathetic, and moves in profound ways to challenge even the most innovative thinkers to lift their game.” – Jussi L.