Nordic Ambassador for Smart Leadership

Aino-Mari Kiianmies
is the trainer whose passion is to understand, create and develop top performing individuals, teams, companies, and cultures. Her core expertise lies in holistic wellbeing and peak performance.

Aino-Mari has drawn best-functioning action models from her harsh experiences in athletics and brought to the table the most essential themes of leading yourself and leading others successfully. In addition to strong hands-on experience of founding start-ups and running all the functions, she has an exceptionally comprehensive education (LLM, M.Sc. (Econ.), M.Soc. Sc., PhD Candidate in Leadership).

Aino-Mari has a unique ability to awaken and excite — you can feel a strong pull for change through her cut-to-the-bone speeches of business and life. Time spent in the world´s top universities, the most fascinating start-up ecosystems, and with the best coaches can be seen, felt, and heard from her authentic presence.

Since 2007 Aino-Mari has inspired thousands of people in various events and trainings in business, academia and charity. Her clients include top leaders and companies, athletes and universities.

Aino-Mari gives inspirational keynotes and workshops on business and life, balance and performance, leading yourself and leading others successfully.

Examples of the themes in 2020:

  • Change Management
  • Agile Learning and Growth
  • The Mindset of a Future Leader
  • Stress, Time and Energy Management of a Top Leader
  • Startup Way: Dreams, Believes, Thoughts and Action
  • Work-Life Balance / Work, Career and Motherhood

What people say about Aino-Mari:

“The presentation on the mindset of a future leader was insightful and inspiring. Aino-Mari is an engaging speaker.” – Pirkka

“Aino-Mari is a convincing speaker and a warm-hearted person with a broad knowledge and experience to talk about very different subjects.” – Hanna-Kaisa

“It was a pleasure to attend Aino-Mari’s coaching, more with less. She created a safe and warm atmosphere around her during the coaching. In addition, her expertise is truly impressive and inspiring. I can recommend her coaching with all my heart.” – Jaana

“I had the pleasure to attend an inspiring keynote speech of future leadership held by Aino-Mari. Her profound but also versatile knowledge of various topics with a unique way of combining them was really refreshing. Furthermore, she is very action oriented and uses plenty of not often seen techniques to involve and activate participants. Highly recommended!” – Jarno

I think she is a breath of fresh air to seasoned professionals who’ve been there and done that. She’s a thoughtful and creative thinker, warm and empathetic, and moves in profound ways to challenge even the most innovative thinkers to lift their game.” – Jussi

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If you are interested in engaging Aino-Mari for a keynote speech, workshop, training, or other speaking engagement, please send a message or call.

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